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There has been a lot more home sellers coming on to the market recently, so today we just wanted to talk about an important topic when selling: avoiding mistakes. By avoiding these top 5 seller mistakes, you can ensure that your sale is a success.



1. Not staging the entire home

Keep in mind, buyers aren’t looking for a reason to buy, they are looking for a reason not to. Make sure you are staging all the areas of your home.


2.  Not removing your home’s natural odor

We aren’t saying your home stinks, it’s just that every home has a natural odor to it that is foreign to those who aren’t living in it every day. By taking the time to use some natural cleaners and fresh fragrances, the buyer will be refreshed as they walk through the door.


3. Not pricing properly.

This is a big one. People tend to overprice on the belief that it will give them plenty of wiggle room for negotiating. However, when you overprice, all you’re doing is helping the other homes sell down the street that are priced more appropriately.


4. Home seller giving the tour

When the home seller is present during the showing of their home, they think they are being helpful. In truth, they are really just a distraction. The buyer doesn’t get a chance to be comfortable in a home if the previous owner is breathing down their neck.


5. Not hiring a proven professional

You want someone who can guide you through all the difficult situations. A lot of Realtors are similar, but it all comes down to expertise. We have a lot of that on our team.


There you have it, the 5 most common home selling mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes means taking charge of your home sale and ensuring its success. If you have any questions for us, just give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to speaking with you!