Today I’m joined by Shelly Bishop from Bishop Air Service to dispel a myth about air conditioning that many have been told, and to talk about what her company does to ensure that your home will stay cool and comfortable year-round.


People who have called Bishop Air Service for a second opinion about their air conditioning units have informed the company’s owner, Shelly Bishop, that they were told R22 refrigerant is illegal. This is simply untrue. R22 is completely legal, and it’s been very viable here in town. It is, however, decreasing in production, and will cease to be made come 2020, but there’s plenty of R22 refrigeration now to get your units up and running again. And yes, that means that older units can still be serviced.


Beyond servicing your old A/C unit, Bishop Air Service also provides a 15-point maintenance check that includes the following:


  • Oiling and greasing the bearings
  • Checking the amperages of your electrical system
  • Checking your compressors
  • Cleaning the condensing coils to keep the unit efficient
  • Changing out filters as necessary
  • Checking all other vital components to make sure that your home is cool throughout the summer


Remember, as we move further into the spring and summer months, it’s important to be sure that your HVAC system is running in peak condition. The last thing you want is to wait until it’s 100 degrees out before calling a professional in to fix your unit. You can help maintain your unit by remembering to change out the filters on a monthly basis.


If you have any questions for Shelly about maintaining your HVAC unit or would like for Bishop Air Service to come out to your home, she can be reached at (702) 565-9800.


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